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Monday, January 28, 2008

Alice in RCI Land.....

"It gets curiouser and curiouser."
I am sure that is what Alice would say if she were to attend the goings-on in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Lingam tapes.

But since the inquiry is not going to be so open how so that "unnice" things will not be revealed, Alice would not be able to enter the court for she is not a real person. Even real people are being barred from some of the proceedings so that Malaysians will be spared all the sordid details of fixing the appointment of judges to the highest courts of the land.

Now that the latest series of the Lingam tapes has been broadcast, what is the RCI going to do about it? Pretend that everything is honky-dory and carry their proceedings as if on a tea-party with the Mad Hatter?

It would appear that every appointment in the Judiciary after Tun Salleh Abbas was removed by the use of dictatorial powers may have been tainted by unknown hands. The Lingam tapes is truly a revelation.

If you really believe that the Police and the Judiciary have been compromised and you really want the government to reform, you should consider voting in the general elections so that the 2/3 majority is denied and also vote to have a few states being run by the opposition. That will be the surest way to reform Malaysia.

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Zawi said...

H J Angus,
High time they be taught a lesson. If they do it right, Kelantan can be retained by PAS, BN may lose Trengganu again. That alone should be enough to tell them that their time is up.

Trashed said...

Yes, you are right. Even real persons are denied the right to entry to this party.

Anwar Ibrahim has sent out 3 video clips but has yet to be called. Something is amiss in the house of ....