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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It is the Correct Step to Take......

Now the Dr Chua has resigned, it allows him to spend more time with his family that has become subject to public ridicule.

It will definitely take a lot of love, forgiveness and understanding for him to mend his relationships for humans do have their own frailties.

I hope that in a few months or years he will be able to enjoy the close relationships he once had with his family.

Perhaps it is appopriate for couples who have been married a long time like say 20 years to take stock of their relationship and see which areas need to be improved.
All too often when the children are all grown up, couples tend to forget the closeness they once enjoyed and for people of influence it is so easy to get others who do not mind helping you betray your spouse.

Often the rationale would be "My partner is not interested in sex anymore so he or she will not mind".

So I think he did the right thing to resign and perhaps he was trying to put on a brave front by blaming Malaysians' "holier than thou attitude".
I think the pressure would have come from the MCA as they could have proposed a "No Confidence" motion against him.

It would have been better if he had been told by the PM to resign before the first public disclosure. It seems there was not much thinking through the problem before the announcement.
For an experienced politician, it was a case of abject naiveté not to expect a bad response from the public.

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