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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Parents! Watch out for Your Children's Sake...

It may already be too late for this child so this message is addressed to those who still have children 12 years old and below.

Don't presume your child is safe if accompanied by an older sibling who is not a watchful person.

All it takes is two minutes and a child can be abducted and swiftly transferred into a car or away from view.

Even crowded places like shopping malls are not safe if you allow a child to wander far.

Sometimes women are also part of gangs that abduct young children for the sex trade and young boys can also be lured.

Instill in your child this urgent messages:

Don't accept food and drinks from anyone apart from Mum or Dad
Don't accept lifts from anyone unless Mum or Dad has specifically told the child earlier.
If in doubt always telephone Mum or Dad.

I remember the years we stayed in Damansara Jaya, a middle-class neighbourhood in PJ and during the times we took our 3 kids to the nearby playground about 300m from our house, both my wife and I would supervise the children at play.

Playgrounds are not really that safe and children can easily be killed by the equipment; especially the swings. All you need is a child running into the path of the swing and death could be instantaneous if there is a collision. If a child falls off a swing, it could become a hospital case.

My advice to parents is:
If you are not prepared to overseer the activities of many children, do limit the number to two or less.
The police will help but only after this type of incident occurs.

I understand that the Family Ministry now conducts courses for couple who want to marry. The course should include taking proper care of young children and highlighting the laws on not providing proper attention to their safety.

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