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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not Extremely Close.....

I wonder what you make of this phrase.

To me, I would allow a photo to be taken but probably would not put my arm around the other person unless he or she was a close friend.

If you check out the photo, the other person is about 100mm taller and that requires even more effort if of larger build.

When on holidays overseas, you might be happy to meet a fellow Malaysian but my encounter would be probably last not more than 10 minutes and would be limited to "Hi....where are you going to....how long you are staying?"

If the person is known and there is time, maybe share a drink or a meal. That would be most interaction.

The Star quotes the former CJ on the front page with
"When the man puts his hand on your shoulder, you can't simply shove it aside"

I would let the photo speak for itself.

As the CJ, one look of disapproval should have caused the other party to treat you with respect.
The mind boggles when he allows this person to "tag along" for the entire holiday.

How many of you will allow that to happen unless you are happy with the arrangements?
Did he report the lawyer to the authorities for stalking him and his family?

I think the former CJ should be checked out more with the lawyer for bringing the Judiciary into disrepute.

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