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Monday, January 21, 2008

Malaysia's General Elections Scam......

Perhaps we should not get scandalised when the CJ of Malaysia suggests that all is well when he allows a lawyer to tag along with him for a few days while on a trip abroad. Maybe he did not know how to read the confusing road signs in NZ where the names of places are so long and look so foreign.

Just look at how the top leaders go about so shamelessly touting their parties while using government facilities on national tours. So far the following lollipops have been given to the kids:

RM10m for Chinese schools.

RM50 increase in allowance fo all NS trainees.

Thaipusam being declared a public holiday for KL and Putrajaya.

A few days ago, the DPM was in JB to disburse some monies for the flood victims in Johor. Of course the traffic police had to hold up motorists wanting to use the Tebrau Highway as his lordship wanted to rush through so as to avoid protesters or terrorists, I do not know. There was even a helicopter riding shot-gun above or maybe it was the news crew.

Yes it looks as if the election campaign has begun in earnest but the BN government does not follow any decent-minded rules but plays by the Queensbury rules. In other words the government plays dirty and cheats the taxpayers of the chance to make an informed decision.

These are the main issues:

The government starts the elections campaign without dissolving Parliament.

The official campaign is very short and gives little chance for the other parties.

All parties contesting the elections are not given proportionate air time on radio or TV to broadcast their political messages.

The ruling parties continue to make use of taxpayers' monies to run their campaigns by using government equipment and facilities.

This has been going on for some time so that even the Elections Commission has come out to say they are beholden to the government and he was then rewarded with a one-year extension of service.

So maybe following the CJ on holiday should not be frowned upon. We have so many other things going on that qualify us as a third-world nation. On the surface it looks good but underneath is a cesspool of iniquities.


PeterP said...

This country has its own rules and protocol and that is why so many things are not like the rest of the world and we are getting poorer by the day.

I truly like the ex-CJ's statement

"When the man puts his hand on your shoulder, you can't simply shove it aside"

Maybe thats why the lawyer tolerated the hand on his (the lawyer's) left shoulder ?

H J Angus said...


Good observation!
It would be interesting to see how the RCI evaluates his testimony.