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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Royal Commission and the General Elections..

The latest Royal Commission on the Lingam Tapes is a good indicator of how sick is the nation after 50 years of the same political parties in charge of Malaysia.

Not too long ago, we had another RCI on the goings-on in the Police. That inquiry culminated in the recommendations for the IPCMC but sadly that independent commission has been rejected by the politicians as apparently it is perceived that the police force cannot be reformed.
Before that, the police officers came out in a public defiance of the government and the top leaders chickened out; but not before they increased the salaries and perks given to policemen so that they will stop taking bribes.

So boths sides are co-exist in an unholy alliance; at the expense of taxpayers' safety and security. And the rape and plunder of the nation's wealth goes unabated.

Just take the latest excuses offered by the former CJ. I would guess that any teenager who reads the newspaper would be able to decide that most of the prominent witnesses have been lying through their teeth and used the answer, "I cannot remember" to cover their crimes.

We can consider the RCI to be like a major medical examination for a sick person who has been taken to hospital. Such examinations are thorough as doctors need to find out what is wrong with the patient before deciding on a course of action.

Sometimes when the patient is really too sick, the doctors may decide not to do anything but maybe just make the patient more comfortable.

Put this idea in the IPCMC context and it appears that top leaders think that the situation in Malaysia cannot be rectified and that is the reason that the IPCMC has been rejected.

That also explains why in the latest RCI, the terms of reference have been limited and some of the commissioners and the ACA lawyers seem to be doing more damage control than letting the truth set us free.

It is possible that the next GE will be called soon after the findings of the RCI are announced. Most Malaysians cannot do much to influence the daily goings-on in government but at the GE, please ponder carefully on how your vote can decide the future of this nation.

A good test of the government's sincerity and integrity is to delay the elections untill 3 months after the RCI ends so that we can really observe how they rectify the perilous and grave situation of the Judiciary.

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