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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear PM: Don't Start Everything but Do Finish a Few Properly....

As we await the announcement of the next general elections, the PM has come out with a plea for more time to implement his plans.

In the report, he said,
"There was expectation that this or that has to be done. It’s not that we haven’t done anything. I have begun to implement practically everything that I have promised,” .

Of course we all know that unravelling the intricate and widespread web of corruption that engulfs the nation after 50 years of BN administration is tough and we wonder if he is the right person to lead the charge.

There is no point postulating grand visions for the next 20 or 30 years when we know the next 5 years budget is going nowhere when corruption will eat up 30% of the money and the results will not be satisfactory.

We know these two important parts of the body that is Malaysia are sick but the remedies are hardly inspired :

1.We need a good police force but alas the IPCMC could/would not be implemented because the senior officers protested. My goodness - will we scrap university exams if students complain studying to become doctors or engineers is too tough?

2.The Judiciary appears to be wallowing in a deep cesspool as indicated by the ongoing RCI. Based on the former CJ's testimony, he seems he could not reject the lawyer's plans to tag along for days.

We do not know the whole story behind these 2 major mill-stones for the nation's future and we need reforms urgently and within the next 12 months. Can you list the steps to be taken with a new mandate?

These are steps that can be done and all it takes is a change of mind-set that the DPM speaks about so fervently:

1.Abolish the 8 to 15% discounts for Bumi property buyers unless it is the first property being bought. Why grant subsidised property and housing rates to some who may already be millionaires?

2.Stop using taxpayers' monies to fund BN activities. You cannot use your office to hold BN Supreme Council meetings during office hours. No wonder many civil servants run personal errands and conduct private business deals during office hours. They are just following your bad example.

3.Take firm action to bring back the scholarship holders who refuse to return by not renewing their passports abroad. Advise the host nation that these recalcitrants have breached their contracts and inform them the passports will not be renewed.

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PeterP said...

Throughout your working life, did your boss allow you 4 yrs to complete a task ? I think not.

These are incorrigible people devoid of any shame.

If there is a will surely there will be a way.

I dont think the spirit is willing but you can bet the flesh is weak.

H J Angus said...


Now that you mention it, you'd be lucky to get 2 weeks or maybe 2 years if it is a construction project.

What to do? Malaysian voters are suckers!