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Friday, January 18, 2008

Total Recall or Totally Forgotten?

The Royal Commission of Inquiry on the infamous Lingam tapes provides some interesting reading on the goings-on within the corridors of power.

It is most remarkable for anyone to have total recall of events or a total lapse of memory and yet the former Prime Minister claims to not remember how and why he chose to reject the recommendations of the Chief Justice as to who should be promoted.

You can read the NST report here.

The former PM's testimony is based on the basic strategy of "Yeah I spoke with many people, I don't remember all the details, No I was not influenced and It is my sole prerogative." Quite a watertight and well thought through defense as people in the RCI are all wearing kid gloves.

I am sure some of you have made decisions on promoting staff and usually a shortlist is made and the various qualities listed so that a proper evaluation is made. Now if you have to consult someone on the names he or she proposes, surely there should be a meeting or discussion on who should be promoted now or during the next round?

We should be moving away from feudalistic practices like leaving the appointment of senior judges based on the whims and fancies of one man who can quickly develop a selective memory.

Please take the Green Poll on the left column and tell us how you think we can improve the quality of our judges. The authorities could have arranged for the live broadcast of this Inquiry as more Malaysians could have witnessed the proceedings live and not just read the dull reports or watch just some news coverage.

In such cases, the body language of the witness can be telling. Too much fidgetting, or pulling the ear, squeezing the nose, scratching the head can be signs that someone is lying through the teeth.

Just watch CNN and you could see the Federal Reserve Chairman being questioned by US Congressmen and he has to answer the questions directly.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.jcnot4me.com/images/Bush-%20Dumb%20Look%20Scratching%20Head.jpg

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yellowkingdom said...

Where are the NeuroLingusitic Programme (NLP) experts body language specalists? They would be able to read the characters/witnesses and tell whether they're telling the truth or not.
I wonder how long will this charade and sideshow will go on before the real TRUTH emerges. Our judiciary is TAINTED!