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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maybe Badawi is Smarter than Most People Think...

"Are you daft?"
Many readers will probably think this out loud but to me politics is a strange game.

Remember that even Mahathir as the longest-serving the Prime Minister could not reform UMNO and the BN racist parties and perhaps Badawi with his many years of political life is trying the indirect approach.
He knows that the direct approach of force and dictatorial pressure will not work and it is not his character.

So perhaps his strategy is to give power back to the people and the two Royal Commissions under his watch provided some education for the masses. Maybe even the results of the two RCIs are meant to be unsatisfactory so that the public would be awakened from their malaise and become more proactive.

Now that TDM has come out with two broadsides against his successor as reported in these articles in malaysiakini, we should perhaps ponder carefully on his motives.

1.He wanted to put in the PM's post another candidate so why did he choose Badawi or has he already forgotten the reasons?

2.Looking at all the damage done to important state institutions like the Police and the Judiciary, do you think he will make a selection based on rational thinking?

3.We could consider what he has to say but always remember some people do not tell you the real reasons why they favour certain decisions.

4.After 50 years as a nation, we need to improve on the way we choose leaders. A democratic nation elects leaders and it is not a family succession plan.

So I say we should elect more opposition members into Parliament so that BN will be obliged to reform or it could become the opposition in the next round.

By weakening the BN government we will take an important step to help Malaysia evolve into a 2-party system without the need for a bloody revolution or military takeover.

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