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Monday, September 1, 2008


malaysiakini has this report "Special Branch probes defection rumours: S'wak MP".

In Malaysia the laws allow MPs to cross-over and this law was passed many years ago by the BN government to "facilitate" a change-over of the Sabah state legislature.
Now this law has come back to haunt the BN as Anwar Ibrahim strives to get MPs to defect to the opposition and thereby takeover the government.

Since there is no law against a cross-over, the police should not be involved with politicians unless some of those MPs are being investigated for other crimes. Otherwise investors will surely get the notion that we are a police state.

No doubt the political situation is not very stable but we are a democracy and the government needs to get its house in order and get on with the job.

They should call for a snap elections if the cross-over is imminent and take their chances with the good citizens of Malaysia. Is that not what democracy is all about?

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