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Friday, September 5, 2008

malaysiakini Promotes CHANGE

If you have been following the USA Presidential Campaigns, you will notice that both the Republicans and Democrats are promoting change.
In Malaysia malaysiakini has been an important change agent since it was launched and you can see the difference in the people's response to it.

In the early days there were not many letters and very few wanted their names published. Today if you look at the feedback, there is a variety of issues discussed and people have become more open. There is hope for this nation as most of the views are well-articulated and with good reasoning.

That is how a nation advances, by making use of all its talents and not side-lining large portions of its population.
This freedom of expression has spread to the Perlis mufti according to this malaysiakini article Perlis mufti keeps 'em guessing over poem .

The funny thing about change is that some wise person said, "The more things change, the more they remain the same".

Thanks to You Tube for the famous protest song of the 60s "Time's they are a'Changing" by Peter, Paul and Mary". I attended a concert by them in the UK when I was a student in the late 60s.

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