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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

malaysiakini Riddle - What Happens when You Combine MASSIVE WEALTH and PROFLIGATE SPENDING?

Seriously the Auditor-General's Annual Report should be renamed "Malaysia Annual Report of Horror Spending" as that would cause more ordinary folks to read where the major leaks are in our financial expenditure.

We have two Finance Ministers but apparently no one controls how the money of our wealthy nation is being used - they simply make major allocations and then find ways to squeeze the monies from the ordinary folks.

Just look at this article from malaysiakini - Navy overspent RM114 mil on jetty HQ and see how easy it is to squander funds without any problems.

The malaysiakini article also mentions that the "crooked bridge project" costing "RM1.27 billion Custom, Immigration and Quarantine building at Bukit Chagar, Johor Bahru did not undergo an open tender process."
Now we also know that the project started even though Singapore did not agree. No that should be corrected - the project started despite Singapore's objection.

But the Works Minister at the time is no longer in Parliament so don't hold your breath for any justification. BTW the project is still incomplete and was supposed to end by 2007.


telur dua said...

The Govt must be thinking that there's still plenty more from where it is coming from.

I suppose they are right. The people are not dead yet. Spend away!

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