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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am of course referring to the proposed DNA Act that has proved defective in Australia as according to a lawyer, DNA evidence can go terribly wrong: lawyer .

Already Malaysia has many repressive laws like the ISA, Sedition Act and we have the corruption in major law enforcement arms like the Police and Judiciary where major reforms like the IPCMC have not been adopted.

How can we introduce the DNA Act without first implementing the IPCMC? It appears that the DNA Act as things stand in Malaysia is going to be the APEX LAW of Malaysia as it gives the Police unparalleled powers to "fix" problems.

It is similar to the killing of criminals without proper due process but in a more scientific manner - the Courts do the killing as the DNA evidence cannot be refuted or challenged. Remember we have laws that provide the mandatory death sentence?

According to the malaysiakini article, police are

"reviewing 7,000 cases that had used DNA evidence after it was found that DNA evidence used to convict a murder suspect, Russell John Gesah, was contaminated.
Gesah was earlier convicted of a 1984 murder of a mother and her young daughter.

It does not matter whether PR or BN is in power. Such a law is really bad and I urge you to sign petitions and show your disagreement by writing to your MP at the very least.

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