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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That chart from malaysiakini should be a marketer's dream but unfortunately it is one of government expenditure and becomes the taxpayers' nightmare.

This article in malaysiakini needs to be corrected - Gov't has grown 'fat and unwieldy'.
Seriously, the bureaucracy has grown in numbers by leaps and bounds.Just look at the number of Cabinet posts that generate even more positions in government.

I think there are two major causes for the huge government expenditure:

1.Instead of a reduction in the civil servants, employment is being extended and more unemployable graduates are being absorbed.
2.Much monies have been spent in IT systems and while many areas have increased productivity, the number of workers has not been trimmed.

Now we know that there is always corruption in the system and thus businessmen have to pay more - you pay more taxes to support the system and then then there will be more obstacles to prevent you from doing business. Many things need "consultants" and facilitators.

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hiroshi yama said...

well said sir,

as im a gov servant, i notice one non malay gov servant can do work equivalent to 8 bumiputra gov servant, most of the time they will sleep, always ponteng, always fetch school children, not to mention they get promoted even though never pass PTK 3 and PTK 4 ( gov department exams ), but non bumis are not promoted, as they always say negara ini melayu punya, apa kamu orang mau, ini hak kami.

gov service are going to drain, because of malays saying, ini orang kita kita kena tolong sama diorang, kalau satu bulan tidak datang kerja ada masaalah, kita perlu tolong........sampai bila?!!!