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Friday, September 5, 2008

malaysiakini Suggests Najib Apologise but this Time it Should be UMNO's Turn

According to the malaysiakini article, Another dose of racism? Over to you Najib all government scholars have to undergo 5-day induction courses that reinforce the notion that non-Malays are all immigrants and therefore cannot have equal rights as citizens of Malaysia.

malaysiakini mentions these types of courses have been going on for many years and people were simply too scared to report or complain about the matter.
Nowadays we spend more than RM600m each year on the NS Scheme and the results are hardly significant to mention. Of course some children do enjoy their 3-months away from home.

It is not completely hopeless yet. Many of us who visit government offices will note some of the staff are still kind and courteous though some can also be haughty.
Before things turn horribly worse, the government should appoint a multi-racial panel of sorts to review the teaching material for such a course.

Otherwise the government may be accused of conducting brain-washing courses that will be more at home in North Korea. Maybe the UMNO guy who refuses to apologise is a product of this training?

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