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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I believe Malaysia is on the brink of a political upheaval as the last General Elections showed that many Malays have decided that the BN government has lost much of its credibilty.

Instead of reading and understanding the writing on the wall, the BN parties have not taken the voters' message to heart and most decided to present a makeover by electing new leaders.

Of course ANWAR has played a major role in becoming the catalyst and leader for change. He is a good communicator and perhaps his stint overseas provided him the chance to hone his skills.

This article in malaysiakini indicates that Meeting Agong? Not yet, says Anwar plans to take over the government are quite advanced.

Another article in malaysiakini titled "Sept 16: What will 'cornered animal' BN do?" paints a bleak scenario of the country becoming like another Zimbabwee.
That can happen if extremists are allowed to stage incidents like riots but this time it could be worse as Malays could be fighting Malays.

To their credit the police have been able to keep such incidents from erupting especially in the recent PP elections.

Our PM started office with well publicised intentions and perhaps he promised too much but delivered too little. His announced handing over power in 2010 combined with the growing momentum of Anwar's movement has resulted in what is commonly called a "lame duck" government.

The BN will find it difficult to win the next round if a snap elections is called and declaring a national emergency will damage Malaysia's future for many years.

I am in no position to know the details of any discussions between PR and BN leaders and so this merely the view of an armchair writer.
I agree with many Malaysians that AAB is basically a good man but he has been misinformed and made too many poor decisions to lead the nation. I believe he will not want to see the nation damaged by strife caused by irresponsible elements.

He could reach out to Anwar and suggest by-elections for those seats where the MPs want to cross-over together with getting most uniformed units to cast their ballots at normal ballot stations instead of the postal votes that would be restricted to only those on active duty.

Or he could realise that the BN will be mauled as the parties have not changed and the voters will vote PR. So instead of inviting a political thrashing, he could disband the BN, resign and ask the Agong to select the next Prime Minister.

That way he could really get the BN parties to rethink their future in the opposition. I am sure that with proper policies and strategies with good leadership, the BN will be able to become part of the two-party system that can propel Malaysia forward.

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