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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"SORRY" is the WRONG Word.....

Remember the corny line from the movie "Love Story" that goes like this: "Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry"?

The movie was a hit with romantics and and somehow UMNO apologising to the Chinese seems a little strange.
The Chinese are upset as a division leader asked the Chinese to bugger off as they were "immigrants" as described in this malaysiakini article Ahmad-bashing continues. After all, how many of us can claim to be "Orang Asli"?Even the ex-MB of Selangor has not more than 3 generations who were born here.

I believe under the Sedition laws, the police have enough reports to investigate the remark for the matter can incite racial ill feelings and create civil unrest.

Even though the remarks were made during the PP by-elections, it was at a public gathering and should not be treated as an internal matter.

No doubt UMNO leaders are slowly coming to a little more maturity, it appears that the initial reaction from the top leaders was most disappointing,to be polite. UMNO members are not above the law and the police would gain more respect from the public if they act according to the law and not look first as to who is the law-breaker.


Bob said...

My late mother's dentist's father was born in Indonesia.
The Dentist who is also the former MB of Selangor is a 1st generation born in Malaysia.
How did u categorize him as a 3rd generation born in Malaysia?

H J Angus said...

sorry my error.
If the grandfather migrated over, then he should be second generation unless his father was also born in Indonesia.