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Friday, September 5, 2008

I Think malaysiakini Should Start a "Life's Funny" Section

Most of the articles in malaysiakini are really serious.
Sodomy, Police Breaking into Houses, Corruption of Top Leaders etc.

You need a dose of humour to get through some of the articles.
This story got my attention - Trip not aimed at derailing Sept 16 defections.

The story describes how many BN MPs are being rounded up to get sent overseas as
"The budget had provided for huge allocations to develop the agricultural industry.

"This trip would provide a good experience to improve the agricultural sector," said Tiong."

According to the Star article, Barisan reps asked to hand in passports for study trip it seems that some of the MPs who have been selected appear to be out of the loop.

I wonder if this is how the BNBBC approaches new laws like the pending DNA Act. Now a study trip on that would be more justified as seen by the cavalier manner with which it was rushed through.

So maybe that section should be "Believe it or Not" and not "Life's Funny".

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