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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Surprised that malaysiakini Promotes TDM's Blog

"Dr M seeks support to give PM the boot" is the rallying call of the malaysiakini article.

Many people are not happy with the BN leadership and it seems that Anwar's PR coalition appears to be taking a more legitimate manner to take over the government though some are not happy at the concept of cross-overs. Now cross-overs are not illegal and I suppose we should thank TDM for that convenience.

The restrictions or qualifying numbers of nominations for top UMNO posts were also contrived during his stewardship and now he says "UMNO leaders are useless"?

I don't see how the "country will be destroyed" if the opposition takes over. Maybe the business interests of some cronies. And also those who have been stealing big time from the nation might have to skip the free pass as in Monopoly - you don't collect your $200 but may end up in jail.

As for UMNO, even if AAB is forced to step down, the party is going nowhere except into the history books unless it takes the next 5 years in opposition and reinvents itself into a nationalistic but non-racist party. I hope they can achieve that for it will enable Malaysia to become a 2-party system.

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