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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well Done ACA for Nabbing Cheats!

It is good that the ACA has been able to nab these driving test cheats as these schools have enabled hundreds of people to drive without going through the official tests.

One wonders what type of supervision is conducted by the JPJ during the on-line tests. If computers can "be rigged" to pass candidates the whole system must be rather suspect. As they always say, "You need to follow the money" and this is how the ACA can probe deeper into this dangerous crime. The victims will be you and I when unqualified people are allowed on our dangerous roads - the killing fields of Malaysia.

Driving schools do not seem to have changed much after so many years.
This is what happened to me.
I took my lessons sometime in 1966 and paid about RM600 for the so-called "package" in those days where they guarantee a pass.
I passed at the first attempt as I was quite used to driving a big car in those days but it was mainly parking within the house compound and garage that was rather narrow.

I sent my licence back from the UK where I was studying to my brother for renewal and was informed that my licence was fake and the JPJ wanted to see me. Anyway my brother told them I was away and would not be back for a few years.

As I wanted to drive in the UK I had to take the test there but before that I took about 6 lessons. The instructor corrected a few mistakes like riding the clutch while cornering but I did pass at the first attempt and obtained the UK Driver's Licence for many categories like heavy vehicles etc.

When I returned to Malaysia the UK licence was used to obtain a new Malaysian licence and I still have the Kelas B,D,E and H approved which means I can drive a tractor!

We need to ensure that such test centers are closely supervised and those who were negligent should be sacked.

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