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Friday, September 28, 2007

No One Likes Change but it is INEVITABLE

So far DENIAL has been the order of the day with the authorities quickly denying the setting up of any inquiry when the "judge-fixing" tape was first disclosed; then the lawyers were barred from entering Putrajaya by bus and then press freedom was denied when the main newspaper editors were ordered not to highlight the March for Justice.
Now we have an incredible minister denying that there is a scandal or any crisis in the Judiciary.
As a picture paints a thousand words, here is my suggestion of how a crooked judge will probably operate. It is not related to any video but shows what happens when a officer of the law becomes corrupt.

(please double-click cartoon to enlarge)


Zawi said...

couldnt get the message from the cartoon as the words written are too small for me to read.
I can understand the government paranoia of any form of dissent. They expect the Rakyat too believe them wholesale over whatever they say or do. It doesnt help either since the mainstream media is totally in government controll.

H J Angus said...

thanks for the feedback.

Double click the cartoon and the picture is enlarged.

We are like Burma minus the bloodshed.