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Friday, September 7, 2007

I Thought the Rubbish is in Parliament, Not on the Roof

I watched the Works Minister trying to explain why the roof of Parliament House still leaks even though money has already been spent to rectify the problem a few months ago. Read the report from malaysiakini here.

It seemed as if the Minister was about to burst out laughing during the brief episode but I guess his years of hamming enabled him to control the urge.

Surely the latest repair job should have included the removal of any rubbish before the repairs were done.

There is more rubbish within the MPs over the years compared to any leftovers on the roof. If someone described our Cabinet as "half past six" I wonder how would some of our MPs be classified?

Photo: Thanks to http://www.cdc.gov/elcosh/docs/d0500/d000515/mess.jpgxv

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Zawi said...

The obvious lack of supervison on every project has led the contractors to abandon the task of removing the contractor's waste and thus save thm some money in clearing them. This must have resulted in blockage to water channels and leaks of the roofs.
I agree with you that there are lots of rubbish in parliament. In every sitting you see the same faces talking, hogging the limelight. Many seats were vacant. Why the same speakers all the time? What happen to the others? Dont they have any ideas to debate on the subject? With the same person debating, there wont be much ideas generated. The PM never attend parliament and always submit written replies. They are definitely rubbish.