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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good that the Draft for the IPCMC is Ready

I had the impression that the IPCMC had been buried for good but this is certainly good news after a wait of almost 3 years.

As I wrote in an earlier article I'm guessing that one of the conditions for the IGP's 2-year contract extension is probably the implementation of the IPCMC and don't be surprised if the IPCMC is approved just before the next general elections.

That would be a good carrot for the majority of the people are waiting to improve the performance of the police force as crime is quite rampant these days.

Since the draft is ready, it should be posted on government websites and public notices so that feedback from concerned citizens can also be considered.

As for other agencies affected by the draft bill, they should be given a time frame like 60 days to reply. We certainly cannot wait another 3 years for this important bill to be passed.

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