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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Different Strokes for Different Folks?

As we celebrate our 50 years of Independence as a nation it is sad to note that Malaysia does not take good care of all its citizens and many of our young and talented youth have to struggle with further education issues as the nation does not appear to value the benefit of retaining our human capital.

All the talk about developing human capital appears to be mere hogwash when we cannot provide our best youth scholarships to study locally and force them overseas after which they will probably never return to help the country progress further.

I wonder if the higher education ministry can provide details on how many young and talented Malaysians we have already lost.
Of particular interest are the numbers on government scholarships that have failed to return to serve after graduation. The table shown will give a quick check on how many students the nation has lost.

We cannot afford to adopt a "tiadapa" attitude as these educated Malaysians are essential to help the nation progress as our oil reserves will soon be depleted.


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