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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is This Not a Smoking Gun?

Did you watch the famous 8-minute tape?
If not, you are missing out on history in the making.

The video can be viewed on malaysiakini.tv and the details are really astounding.
Unless the "independent" panel appointed by the government can prove that the tape is an "April Fool's" joke in September, it suggests that some government leaders have been manipulated by a lawyer and businessmen. Or is it the other way around and some government leaders have been able to manipulate judges?

It really casts a major blot on the whole judiciary when the government interferes with the appointment of judges.

For those who have not seen the video, it show a rather rotund person with a foreground of bottles (expensive wine perhaps?) and talking on the phone. The audio is very clear and the names mentioned are distinct.

So how should the panel proceed?
I guess a voice analysis would be the starting point to make a positive identification of the speaker.

Once that is done, the details of the phone call can also be verified based on the telco's records.

After that it depends on the political will of the government and if it can subdue the aspirations of the Malaysian public.

Like it or not, we really cannot allow the Judiciary to be subject to such possible manipulations without jeopardising the future of our nation.
As Japan's leadership has shown, changing national leaders on a regular basis should be tolerable but we cannot afford a tainted judiciary.

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Zawi said...

Everything within their means will be used to discredit the video. A so called wxpert will be paid to testify to say that the video is a doctored job and thats it - a sudden end to the who saga. They are already accepting the denial of involvement of the accused. Abdullah will said he is satisfied with the findings. No more talk about it. When the CJ's term expire he will just retire and live happily until he meets his maker.